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The Xi® PowerGo™ line is an award wining CAD Laptops, Represents the best choice for CAD & Graphics Laptop mobile workstations available on the market today. When the 3D CAD power needs to be mobile and battery life in standalone conditions is important, With up to eight cores of processor power sided by an NVIDIA RTX™ (previously Quadro) Professional Graphics or GeForce RTX™ graphics card, the performance results are outstanding, rivaling those of a regular desktop workstation among many customizable options starting at an aggressive best lowest price. The hardware accelerated OpenGL & DirectX capabilities in a mobile professional graphis is essential for CAD design software like Autodesk AutoCAD. This new PowerGo compares in 2D & 3D CAD capabilities with the much more expensive previous generations, delivering, in a Laptop, an unprecedented level of price/performance ratio.

Productos con Soporte para: AUTODESK AUTOCAD