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Autodesk CFD software provides engineers with a range of powerful tools for system design optimization. Simulate fluid flow and free surface movement, and analyze thermal impact for product design. Autodesk CFD: Simulation software for engineering complex liquid, gas, and air systems .
Autodesk® CFD has a broad portfolio of applications based on their “computational fluid dynamics” concept aimed to design systems with fluid, thermal, and motion insights. There are three main computational aspects of the fluid process that Autodesk CFD is addressing: Simulation, advanced physics modeling and modeling complex. All these three processes take advantage of multi-core CPU up to multiprocessor workstations and laptops. Our configuration consultant will maximize the ROI of your investment balancing the number of CPU cores with adequate RAM, storage and connectivity requirements, achieving the optimal workflow. @Xi is supporting NVIDIA RTX™ (previously Quadro) Professional Graphics cards will work well with Ansys, SSD drives are a must and faster NVMe M.2 are preferrable. Here are some examples of recommended configurations.

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