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A reliable high performance computer is essential for any trader, regardless if you trade from home or you operate a large High Frequency Trading (HFT) Multiprocessor operation. @Xi Computers has been serving some of the most advanced financial organization, specialized in HFT and Automated / Algorithmic Trading Systems (ATS), for over 30 years. Capitalizing on such extensive professional experience, we are capable of offering highly optimized trading computers with the best performance, support, reliability and price. These suggested trading rackmount computers are based are on the @Xi award winning MTower™ & NetRAIDer™ series and use the latest generation of multicore Intel Core™ and XEON® processors. We have developed two different typologies optimized for different trading scenario. The first one emphasizes on the ability of superfast response of a complex trading algorithm, hence requiring a very high speed RAM and CPU clock up to 5.4GHz on eight simultaneous CPU cores. To achieve such result we house this system in a 4U Rackmount with liquid cooling using a 13th generation Intel i7-13700KF CPU. The second trading scenario still requires a fast computational power but emphasizes the ability to pack the highest amount of multiple cores in a 1U Rackmount space. Still, with the use of latest Intel Xeon CPU and high efficiency platinum power supply the result is impressive, with the computing capability of up to 96 multiple trading strategies (threads) with low latency execution through 6 separate network channels. Clicking on the “Design your own” will allow extensive customizations from fast M.2 SSD drives to different levels of performance and warranty that is extendible on site 24/7 worldwide.

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