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RISA-3D is a general-purpose -dimensional analysis and design program, has been developed to make the definition, solution and modification of structural models as fast and easy as possible. Analysis, up to and including calculation of maximum deflections and stresses, may be done on structures constructed of any material or combination of materials. Complete steel and wood design are also included in the program. RISA-3D has full graphical modeling capability. You can draw your model on the screen and also perform extensive graphical editing simultaneously in multiple views. To modify your model data directly, RISA-3D employs a powerful, proprietary spreadsheet. All this combined with flexible data generation algorithms makes modeling very easy. Graphic display of the model along with applied loads, boundary conditions and much more, is always available. Our configuration consultant will maximize the ROI of your investment balancing the number of CPU cores with adequate RAM, storage and connectivity requirements, achieving the optimal workflow. @Xi is supporting both the NVIDIA RTX™ (Quadro) Professional and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ video cards, SSD drives are a must and faster NVMe M.2 are preferrable. Here are some examples of recommended configurations.

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