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SigmaNEST is simply the best nesting software in the industry developed and supported by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, SigmaNEST offers unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency, runs every type of machine delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond. From increasing productivity to saving valuable materials and manpower optimizes your shop floor process without sacrificing quality or quantity, Integrate SigmaNEST with your design, manufacturing, and business programs to get the most out of your complete nesting solution.

During Modeling and Assemblies activities, SigmaNEST will not take advantage of may CPU cores. The best performance for such tasks is achieved with the fastest top core speed. The Intel® i7 and i9 are favored to the XEON® CPU delivering the best performance/price ratio. Simulation and Rendering will take full advantage of multiple cores and hyper thread capabilities. The i9-14900KF represents the optimal value with 8 Performance-cores + 16 Efficient-cores and 32 Threads with a high clock spread. @Xi provides professionally overclock versions favoring an absolute top core or all cores at higher frequency to deliver optimal balanced Modeling & Simulation SigmaNEST performance. HW assisted OpenGL capabilities are a must, therefore only NVIDIA RTX™ (previously Quadro) Professional Graphics cards are offered. SSD are also a must and NVMe M.2 are recommended. For budgets and requirements beyond the Platinum configuration, Threadripper™ PRO series and XEON CPU can be custom quoted.

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