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IronCAD is an intuitive 3D and 2D design solution that empowers engineers, increases productivity, and facilitates collaboration throughout the enterprise. IronCAD lets you design the way you interact in the world, intuitively in 3D. Drag & drop shapes, parts, and assemblies from infinitely customizable catalogs, push & pull to make precise changes in seconds, and easily create assemblies in one file. It’s a fundamentally better way to design. It’s faster to design, easier to learn, and more flexible to modify than traditional 3D CAD software.

During Modeling and Rendering activities, IronCAD will not take advantage of many CPU cores. The best performance for such tasks is achieved with the fastest top core speed. The Intel® i7 and i9 are favored to the XEON® CPU delivering the best performance/price ratio. IronCAD rendering will take full advantage of multiple cores and hyper thread capabilities. The i9-14900KF represents the optimal value with 8 Performance-cores + 16 Efficient-cores and 32 Threads with a high clock spread. @Xi also provides professionally overclock versions, favoring an absolute top core or all cores at higher frequency to deliver optimal balanced Design and Rendering IronCAD performance. @Xi is supporting both NVIDIA RTX™ (previously Quadro) Professional Graphics and GeForce RTX™ use with IronCAD. SSD drives are a must and faster NVMe M.2 recommended. For budgets and requirements beyond the Titanium configuration, Threadripper™ PRO series and XEON CPU can be custom quoted.

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